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Lets get this party started

More than a year ago a company I am working in decided to dive in Agile methodology. Since then we invested quite some time in familiarizing ourselves with what Agile is and how can it help us to improve our projects delivery and make us more attractive to our customers and maybe even employees.
Besides reading books and loads of articles in the internet we also participated in Agile conferences (for now, only as guests), had a department day dedicated to an Agile methodology with external key note speaker (thank You Vaidas!) and on top of that conducted a few small projects based on Scrum (including offshore tasks, internal projects and some small customer requests). By saying small, I have in mind, that scope was <1000 man days.

And finally we are preparing for a new project that will run on Scrum. It’s a system implementation project and currently we plan to have two scrum teams of 7-8 people each and me nearby in a role of… hell knows. You can call me Scrum Master of Scrum Masters or a Scrum Coach (I would be proud to be called like that, but I don’t feel like having enough competence to carry one of the names), Project Manager (at least I have a few certificates to prove that) or in the name of some nonexistent mystical creature. But in general, my main concern is to MAKE IT WORK!
But let’s get back to the topic. Why have I started this blog? Well the main idea is to have a place, where I will be able to share with You main project problems when I will be totally lost and screwed. On the other hand, I believe that all this knowledge will be valuable for someone else, who will be doing his first Scrum project in parallel with us or even after some time when everything will be finished.
So please stay tuned as more posts are coming. And thank You for Your TIME!

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