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Tommorow - KICK OFF

So, tomorrow is the day when we are kicking off the Project. I hope that I will keep to my promise which I made to myself - to blog as much as I can.

As the team is mixed and not everybody was fully familiar with SCRUM, just before the project we had a 2 days Agile and SCRUM training to get everyone on track. It was great not only for those who had no experience, but also for people who already tried SCRUM. Great presentation, exercises and discussions helped us to build a team that is ready to step into the project and take the challenge.

I more than recommend organizing the same thing in Your company just before the KICK OFF of new project like this. Thank You Vaidas.

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  1.   Vaidas Adomauskas rašo:

    With all energy and willingness to learn and try Scrum for real in the room, I have no doubts that you will have great experience and successful project. I will be eager to read your blog and I hope you will have case study for next conference to share how Scrum works in fixed scope project!

    Keep blogging and have a successful project!


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